How to manage fake hair

Care and maintenance

1. Try not to get close to the high temperature because the hair of the material is not high temperature (except for high temperature wire);

2. Chemical fiber wig can not be dyed. If you need to trim it, you can ask professional stylist to trim your hair.

3. Comb your movements lightly. The wig should be combed before use, wear a wig and comb it a little bit. Comb a wig to choose a relatively sparse comb to be good, the method that should use slanting side to comb a wig, cannot undertake straight comb, and the action is light;

4. Do not use hairpins. Some people like to clip wigs in hairpins to prevent the wind from blowing away. However, the clip should not be too hard. Otherwise, it is easy to hook the wig net. Therefore, it is best not to use hairpin, but use decorative hair bands to hold hair on the wig;

5. A small amount of hair loss in the process of collating is normal;

6. Put it in the original packaging without wearing it.

7. Wigs can be tied up, but they can’t be too high or they can run out of their own real hair.

8. Long wigs should be divided into long pieces, from the bottom up to comb, must be light, must have patience;

9. If the wig has been used for a long time, don’t pull it hard, you should spray the non-oily maintenance liquid for the wig and then slowly and carefully.

10. Be careful not to spray gels or waxes on wigs, such as hair spray, which will make the wig sticky.

11, use wig special non-oily maintenance fluid (use method is simple: take before gently gush a few times on the wig) becomes soft light can make the wig and can prevent electrostatic, let wig keep moist state like just buy when I come back!

Wig cleaning

Try not to be as close to the high temperature as possible because the fake hair is not high temperature.

2. Most fake hair can be dyed. If you need a trim, you can ask a professional stylist to trim your hair.

3. Fake hair is usually washed 1 times in 1 to 2 months.

4. Wash with cold water or warm water, and use the usual shampoo when you wash it. It can be combined with normal conditioner.

5, wash off the hair as far as possible don’t use hair dryer, such as high temperature and the wind blow dry, apply gently dry towel blot the excess water put on false hair to the ventilated place to avoid damages to the false hair direct sun.

6. Do not comb the fake hair immediately after washing.

7. Comb the comb with fake hair, which can not be used in a plastic comb.

8, curly hair basically does not use the comb, the place of the volume with the hand after each pack is ok.

Remy Hair manufacturer, and you are beautiful!


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